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Ohio Currently Has 167,153 Medical Cannabis Patients With Active Registrations

The Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program released updated statistics this week. In September 2016 ​Ohio lawmakers passed House Bill 523 which legalized medical cannabis in Ohio. Since that time, suffering patients in Ohio have registered with the state’s medical cannabis program. Below are updated statistics (as of April 30, 2024) from the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program:

  • 23 Level I provisional cultivation licenses
  • 14 Level II provisional cultivation licenses
  • 123 Certificates of Operation for dispensaries
  • 424,468 Registered patients (historical)
  • 24,544 Patients with Veteran Status
  • 25,502 Patients with Indigent Status
  • 1,450 Patients with a Terminal Diagnosis
  • 167,153 Patients with both an active registration and an active recommendation
  • 39,214 Registered Caregivers
  • 46 provisional processor licenses
  • 10 provisional testing lab licenses

In addition to statistics related to patients, caregivers, and business licenses, Ohio also published updated sales figures for the state’s medical cannabis program, which are listed below:

  • 254,816 lbs. of plant material
  • 23,145,530 units of manufactured product
  • $1.78 billion in product sales
  • 14,935,298 total receipts
  • Plant Sales Average – $17.12 per 1/10oz
  • Plant Sales Average – $6.05 per gram
  • Manufactured Sales Average – $26.73 per unit

Earlier this year Ohio lowered medical cannabis patient registration fees to one penny. In addition to legalizing cannabis for medical use, Ohio has also approved an adult-use legalization measure, with recreational adult-use sales expected to launch in Ohio as early as June 2024.