Illinois Sold $146 Million Worth Of Legal Recreational Cannabis In May 2024

Illinois’ legal adult-use cannabis industry continues to post strong numbers, with the state’s licensed recreational cannabis retailers selling over $146 million worth of products in May 2024, an increase over April 2024 when the state’s retailers sold roughly $144 million worth of cannabis products.

Illinois became the 11th state to adopt a statewide adult-use cannabis legalization measure on June 25, 2019 when Illinois Governor JB Pritzker signed House Bill 1438. The legislation provided for the eventual legal sales of adult-use cannabis products through licensed dispensaries.

On January 1, 2020, the first legal adult-use cannabis purchase was made in Illinois, and since that time the state’s legal cannabis industry has made a considerable amount of sales and generated a significant amount of tax revenue. Below are updated historical sales totals from the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation:

illinois historical recreational cannabis sales totals may 2024

Once again, purchases made by out-of-state residents made up over 22% of the Illinois sales total for May 2024. The legal Illinois cannabis market greatly benefits from most states in the region still prohibiting adult-use cannabis commerce.

However, adult-use sales are expected to start soon in Ohio, and eventually in Minnesota as well, and that will presumably have an impact on legal sales in Illinois. The same will likely prove to be true for Michigan’s industry.

Illinois taxes adult-use cannabis products based on their THC content, with higher THC percentages corresponding to higher taxes, up to 25%. Cannabis products can also be subject to state (6.25%), county (1.75%), city (1.25%) and special (1%) taxes.